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Farm to Table II - The Savoy Hotel

Farm To Table Season Continues With Exciting Savoy Hotel Collaboration

Throughout May, Sharky’s has been teaming with our neighbour, the Savoy Hotel, to offer the second in our series of ground-breaking Farm to Table menu dining experiences. Now entering its third successful week, the event showcases the finest local, artisan, and organic produce available in Myanmar, lovingly interpreted by classically trained German chef, Florian Eberhardt.

“Developed countries are discovering that there are only two things that money can’t buy: health and time. We can invest in our health but quality healthy food - quality, healthy food comes when it is created in balance with nature: food that is local, clean, seasonal, organic. This is a long term investment. Globally people are beginning to see the benefits of such an investment and, now, it is incredible to see this picking up traction in Myanmar, a country that is perfectly placed to benefit from this style of consuming and producing.” - Ye Htut Win

A model of calm and European-style gentility perched elegantly on the corner of Inya Road, the Savoy Hotel has operated as a stylish and respected neighbour to Sharky’s Restaurant and Deli since we opened on Dhammazedi Road. A perennial favourite of Yangon’s embassy and business crowd diners, the Hotel has recently undergone a hugely successful revamping under the auspices of experienced Yangon hospitality professional, manager Tim Reus.

This first cooperation in what will hopefully prove a lasting Yangon legacy is the latest event in a Farm to Table movement which has picked up significant traction since Sharky’s cooperation with the Strand Hotel last February. On this occasion, The Savoy’s initiative has seen one of Yangon’s most esteemed boutique hotels opened it’s kitchen doors to diners looking to experience chef Florian Eberhardt’s take on a range of Myanmar-made ingredients from Sharky’s farms and artisans.

Differentiating the event from that recently staged at The Strand Restaurant, almost every single ingredient on Chef Florian’s menu has been sourced directly from Sharky’s, in the process allowing diners to sample the fantastic range and breadth of uses of our products.

The First Spectacular Week

The dishes created in the Savoy kitchen between May 5th and May 14th - and served up at the refined and intimate Kipling’s Restaurant - reflected the very best of modern European cuisine.

Chef Florian’s entree played to the strengths of ingredients, both old and new, derived from our Bagan farms. Two star vegetables that have made an entry to our deli over the past few months are our distinctive and flavourful Bagan heirloom tomatoes and sweet peppers. Local products, yet utilised by chef Florian in the European manner: our peppers loving reimagined as a creamy, tangy Pesto, and our tomatoes - which once again proved that they are capable as serving as a stand-alone ingredient - served diced and artily placed atop the pesto accompanied by our trademark butterfly pea flowers. To complement these rich flavours, the dish was balanced with Sharky’s distinctive peppery rocket laid over our handmade mozzarella, and garnished with a sweet balsamic reduction.

[Photo - hummus]

The highly inventive second course highlighted not only the quality and class of our farm ingredients (and that of Chef Florian!), but also their versatility. Widely hailed as the dish of the night, Sharky’s premium ‘Golden’ eggs were served soft poached on a bed of finely balanced pumpkin hummus. This creative confluence of soft, comforting flavours was balanced by a sharp, rich topping of Ikura caviar and Sharky’s famous microgreens. A remarkable combination of cuisines and ingredients, coming together in an experience that, in both taste and site, will live long in the memories of those lucky enough to have savoured this finely crafted menu.

For the main course, the Savoy kitchen showcased a famed Sharky’s classic - our dry-aged Myanmar beef. A specialty meat, much in-demand, Sharky’s selects its beef from free range herds - a special combination of grazing methods and livestock strain give Myanmar cows their distinctive depth of flavour. Any recent visitors to our Dhammazedi branch will have noticed the crucial final stage in flavour development that differentiates Sharky’s beef cuts - our brand-new dry ager. Chef Florian chose to use a fine 120 day aged striploin cut, and stippled the seared meat with a decadent truffle jus. Supporting the rustic flavours of the dish were Sharky’s very own Red Camargue Rice, grown on our very own farmland (the first time that this distinctive, wholesome and nutty Mediterranean strain has been cultivated in Myanmar.) Complementing the deep stock of the jus and the refined texture of the striploin were a braised endive and a garnish of snow pea - adding subtle aniseed and floral tones to this classic European dish.

Chef Florian’s desert saw the chef go all out for decadence. A fabulously rich and fruity finale treated guests to a firm, unctuous raspberry ganache reclining in a smooth mango creme - a dish which subtly celebrated the highly anticipated coming of mango season in Myanmar. To add a touch of sweet and salt, the desert was finished with pomegranate and a peanut ice cream.

As with Sharky’s, Kipling’s restaurant also has a passion for fine wine. As such, each course was expertly paired with an accompanying glass. The sweet notes of Chef Florian’s entree were complemented by a fine blend of Terret & Vermentino from M. Chapoutier Marius; the hummus course washed down with a South African Chenin Blanc from The Winery of Good Hope; and the punchy striploin main was matched with a round, deep, fruity Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon from the Chateau Los Boldos winery. Expect more fine wines to accompany The Savoy coming menus.

More To Come...

As Sharky’s founder, Ye Htut Win stated at the conclusion of the inaugural meal: “These meals go to show what is possible in Myanmar. These are fine ingredients, of the highest international quality. When we serve them in such an environment, prepared in such a way, it proves that, in Yangon, the sky is the limit! People who come to a country wants to taste the products of the country they are in - not those of where they are coming from. Farm to Table eating is not a fashion - it’s very human. Event’s like this show that it is only just beginning and is not going away!”

With two weeks of exciting new dishes at The Savoy, and future farm to table collaborations with other leading restaurants in Yangon, we look forward to working with our foodie friends across Myanmar to play our role in continuing to push these culinary boundaries!

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