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Sharky's Story

Meet the Founder and Chief Artisan, Ye Htut Win

Since 1996, Sharky’s has been rigorously dedicated to providing our patrons with foods crafted from only the best quality, and whenever possible, local Myanmar ingredients. Using our philosophy taken from years of experience and a blend of old recipes and modern technology, we prepare, bake, age, ferment and hang in-house our foods.

Here at Sharky’s, food is not simply a hobby; it is our passion, breathing life into everything and motivating our distinctive vision. Sharky’s wishes to set itself apart from other culinary experiences. We believe Sharky’s offers something truly profound and unique with our food not simply an emulation but rather a revelation in cuisine.

Our Commitment


Almost all of our ingredients are produced within Myanmar, either on our land, with small-scale partner farmers, or to our strict specifications. Sharky's has always scoured the country for the finest crops, soils and farms on which to introduce hand-selected heritage seed strains and livestock breeds.


Our products are made using traditional techniques, refined and perfected by local chefs, many of whom have or will go on to become the first Myanmar master artisans in the European culinary arts.


Where possible, our ingredients are 100% organic. Where they are not, we are going to lengths to find sources which are.



Sharky’s prides itself on selling ingredients which are natural, unprocessed and unrefined. Our products are free from artificial flavourings, colourings, and preservatives.



At Sharky’s we live by the motto: “Reuse, Recycle, and Go Green.” We apply this to all areas of our business - from reducing waste by using bi-products in increasingly productive ways (for example, our microgreens are germinated purely in husk from our coconuts), curbing the use of disposable bags, and using 100% compostable and biodegradable packaging, straws and cutlery. We do not use harmful chemicals at our farms, and recycle our glass and plastic products, having a refund scheme on our glass bottles.

Local Myanmar Food

European style cooking like nowhere else

Sharky’s are locavores with the omnipresent concept of ‘farm to fork’ which persists throughout the aesthetic of our vision and restaurants. Our farms raise animals giving life to our finest quality meats and cheeses, as well as producing the fresh, locally grown vegetables you will see before you. This admiration for the land and everything it provides us, is a trademark of Sharky’s specific attention to not only showcasing the beauty of Myanmar ingredients, but also a desire to create a sustainable and environmentally sound vision of food production.

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Yangon & Bagan

Restaurants - Retail - Wholesale

Sharky's delicacies have been enjoyed at our restaurants for over two decades. From our famous flagship on Dhammazedi Road, to our heritage building on Pansodan Street, our unique garden restaurant in the old theatre of Bagan's Shwezigon Pagoda, and our charming new outlet in Ngapali beach, we have led the way in delivering fine European dining in some of the most spectacular venues in Myanmar. 


Our extensive range of gourmet ingredients - available to purchase at our chain of delis - are the envy of restaurants throughout the country. We wholesale our farm grown produce to leading hotels and restaurants across Myanmar: ask any accomplished chef in Yangon and they will admit that, without Sharky's, their lives would be a lot more difficult! 

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